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Simple programming allows patients to rotate up to 30 degrees for continuous therapy. This helps prevent ventilator associated pneumonia (VAP), mobilize secretions and improve gas exchange. Use ALT for patients who do not tolerate manual turning.

The 15-degree unique platform-based Lateral Tilt function assists with turning patients. Use foot pedal when turning the patient and have your hands free at the same time for nursing activities with the patient. Using Lateral Tilt function helps with pressure injury prevention.

A unique Mobi-Lift® handle allows for active participation from the patient during mobilization. Used together with Lateral Tilt and siderail concept for safe sit-to-stand position.

Intelligent brakes automatically engage after 60 seconds when the bed is plugged into the power socket. This helps to avoid falls due to unrealized brakes.

The i-Drive Retractable 5th castor helps to reduce the effort required by staff to drive and steer the bed.

Motorized patient transport with minimum manpower. A unique Safety Sense™ feature avoids the risk of self-activation, unintentional activation or misuse. The intelligent accelerator optimizes the drive speed in different drive situations.

The Ergoframe® system extends the space in the pelvic area to reduce tissue compression. Together with Lateral Tilt it eases the regular re-positioning of the patient for effective pressure relief.

Automatic Lateral Therapy is a platform based lateral tilt which can be individually programmed in cycles to improve lung drainage, oxygenation and/or atelectasis.

To avoid falls due to an unbraked bed, the unique i-brake feature automatically activates the brakes. The Multi Zone Bed Exit Alarm can be used to indicate patient movement from the bed.

The 15 degree lateral tilting function assists with turning patients for routine nursing activities such as bed making, hygiene needs or wound care with the minimum risk of back injuries

Progressive side rails with the safe gaps concept, side rail sensors detecting the down position and exceptional height provide an excellent protection against falls.

3 drive modes faciliate patient transport on short and long distances. Easy operation with only one hand. Undesired operation is prevented by the Safety Sense™ concept.

The Orthopnoeic chair position helps to maximise respiratory function and enhances patient comfort.

Bi-lateral tilting eases the regular re-positioning of the patient providing effective pressure relief. The Ergoframe® system extends the space in the pelvic area to reduce tissue compression.

The unique Mobi-Lift handles with bed height controls assist with the safer mobilisation and active involvement of the patient.




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