Labor and Delivery

We have created the following labor and delivery training tips to provide you with full clinical and user information about the AVE 2 birthing bed so that you can do your daily work in the best possible way. We would prefer to meet you and do the training in person with the AVE 2 bed fully deployed, but unfortunately, this is not always possible. Please watch the following videos about Complications During Delivery, Delivery Phases, and Hygiene. If you feel some information is not clear or missing please contact us at [email protected].


Complications During Delivery
A childbirth complication refers to any abnormal obstetrical condition or adverse event occurring during pregnancy, labor, or delivery that can adversely impact a mother or baby. Obstetric complications are ultimately the cause of all birth injuries. Several well-known childbirth complications appear in a certain percentage of all pregnancies with varying rates of occurrence. Some of these complications are relatively benign while others can be dangerous and even life-threatening, however, a well-designed delivery bed like the AVE2 can eliminate many issues.




Delivery Phases
The Labour and Delivery process is divided into three stages, though every woman experiences these stages differently. The first stage of labour lasts from the time that contractions begin until the cervix is fully dilated. Stage one is broken down into the early phase, the active phase, and the transition phase. The second stage is when the baby is actually delivered, usually lasting from 20 minutes to two hours. The third stage of labour is the delivery of the placenta. The AVE 2 provides various pain relief positions during the first 2 stages.




The safety of the mother and child leaves no space for compromises concerning the cleaning and disinfection of the delivery bed. Our AVE 2 delivery bed is designed with sealed column construction and smooth sealed surfaces. These are key elements for a successful fight against hospital germs. Please watch the video to see how quick and easy the cleaning can be with our AVE2.